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Guys, I want to tell you about the "real stars" from here, deget.net!Guys, please open your eyes!They are so busy to do accounts here!So c`mon!It is really ugly to see millions & millions of fakes here!
And the bad thing is that everyone believes in a different fake!OMG!Look a very good example is that: Miley deleted her twitter because she was too busy, and you think that she can have an account here?First this is a romanian site and so Miley, Selena, Demi, Emily, Nicole, Ashley, Justin, Nick and others are from America!Think about that, please!It is so bad because every day here you can see a new fake (or more). And it is not funny.I repeat:Open your eyes, girls and boys because only you can stop these fakes.Don't believe in them please. Other example is SelyGomezMyRealLife or MilezzCyrusMe...cause everybody believed in them but they have recognized that they are just fakes.Ok, all the people forgave them and now they are a model for all the fakes. Sure, it is your problem if you wanna believe in fakes, but they are just kids who steal the identity of other persons!So, again think about this.The real stars have not time for such sites!

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MileyPartUltimateParty 20 June 2010  
I know,I have 2 albums like this...but..whatever..many people blv in fakes!
deliaboss 16 June 2010  
MusicWorldCristina 27 May 2010  
You are right!All are fakes!
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