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Demi photoshoot

Comments • 11

Dary 30 August 2010  
Sonny with a chance :x
Justine 1 July 2010  
beaurtiful like always
MileyPartUltimateParty 20 June 2010  
LibertyWalk 17 June 2010  
Sweetie girl :x
deliaboss 16 June 2010  
this girl amazes me :x
CyrusSmiles 8 May 2010  
ByDisneyChannelWorld 28 March 2010  
TheBiggestFanOfJonasBrothers 3 January 2010  
Luvix Demzz:) Babyface is a fake =)) Cuz Katie Babyfayce dont look at cartoons :))
justinbieberfannumber1 1 January 2010  
luv dem
BabyFace 30 December 2009  
srry but
i hate demi
sonny is very nic3 but demy not
CrazyPrincessDia 31 December 2009  
...but...Sonny is Demi....:|
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